Which is why I would like to take a minute here to address YOU, if you are someone who hasn’t yet made the decision to use our services.

After all, we’ve helped many business owners “make the switch” over to us, year after year. And I know that you’ve probably established a rhythm with your current provider (even if it’s not a “good” rhythm), and that you could dread the prospect of having to “teach” a new tax accountant about your business and goals.

Which is why this blog post would be for you. (And if you’re already using us, then you can safely ignore this particular post, and skip to the end where I do have a short FYI for current clients.)

Many business owners are pulling together their paperwork to deliver to their preparer these next couple weeks… and before you do that with your existing preparer, I’d like to give you a reason to try us out.

I’d rather not “bad mouth” other tax accountants in the area, but suffice to say that we’ve had to do our share of re-doing other accountants’ work. In some cases, we’ve recovered significant sums during an amendment process by reviewing an old return (from the last 3 years), and taking advantage of ethical and legal tax credits and deductions that other accountants don’t utilize.

Finally, a quick announcements for current clients:

There are (literally) BILLIONS of dollars in unclaimed refund money available from the IRS from 2012 returns. Here’s the catch: You must claim it by April 18th, 2016.

How do you do that? Have us take a look at your return, and we’ll file an amendment if we find something which needs changing, updating, etc. This is probably particularly so if you did NOT use our services in one of the last three filing years, but there are all kinds of reasons why there might be something to fix or change.

And suffice it to say, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Or, alternatively, there are people who simply didn’t FILE a return, but just trusted that the taxes withheld from paychecks were correct. Oops — that’s where the IRS gets the billions figure, because there are so many unclaimed refunds due to unfiled returns.

Either way, we can help (and routinely do). Call us: (516) 449-2852

Thanks for your attention. I’m personally dedicated to your success. Can other accountants say that?

Feel very free to share this article with a Long Island and Stamford business associate or client you know who could benefit from our assistance — or simply send them our way? These particular articles usually relate to business strategy because, as you know, we are Profitability Consultants also specializing in tax preparation and planning for Long Island and Stamford families and business owners. And we always make room for referrals from trusted sources like you.


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