Rave Reviews

Long Island’s Trusted CPA

We made the investment with Michael Kessler and his team as our Outsourced CFO to specifically help us with complicated budgeting and accurate cash flow forecasting. Mike is a positive person and growth oriented and is a good fit with our 6-person management team. After working with Mike for a period of just months, all of our initial engagement goals were met or exceeded with increased partnership income. Additionally the shareholders saw an improvement in their compensation through a restructured net profit based compensation policy. Mike has a broad business background and is able to quickly identify key financial areas to focus on within a wide scope of business functions. Presently we are working with Mike on strengthening our long-term financial stability and maximizing growth potential through many creative strategies. Bringing Mike into our team has been a great decision as I reflect on the 20-year history of the business. Having realized significant and fast ROI we were able to take our business to the next level quickly. If you’re a small business owner, speak with Michael Kessler yourself – and let me know how it goes!

Stuart Andrews, President & CEO

Shinnecock Pools INC / Imperial Leisure, LLC, Southampton, NY

Working with Michael and his team over the past two years, our business has reached new heights of efficiency and profitability while becoming more competitive in our marketplace. Their guiding principles of fiscal management continuously improve every facet of our business enabling us to achieve predictable results virtually every time out. If you’re serious about taking your business to levels that may not seem possible today, you should speak with Michael; you’ll be very glad you did!

Lynda Zacpal, President

American Pride Fasteners, LLC, Bay Shore, NY

Michael's expertise has been instrumental in allowing me to grow my business. I have access to real time financial data via the systems and processes that Michael has set up and oversees for CWS - a true financial dashboard. Michael is highly professional, responsive, knowledgeable and cares just as much about my success as I do!

Christine Ippolito, CEO

Compass Workforce Solutions, LLC Deer Park, NY

Michael Kessler has been instrumental in putting Diverse Technology Solutions on the path to financial prosperity. He has an exceptional knowledge of not only finance but strategic marketing, sales, budgeting, forecasting and delivering financial planning objectives. Mike has been a welcome addition to our team and is always available to answer a call or email about an important strategic objective. While it was by chance that we met, it has been a relationship that I can say confidently “the company wouldn’t be where it is today without him.” Mike has been the key element that guided us to double digit growth.

Clayton Hart, President and CEO

Diverse Technology Solutions Inc. New York, NY - Chicago, IL

Your advice was spot-on Mike!  After making the changes you suggested last year, I was more confident that my tax situation was under control.  When we sat down yesterday, I was hoping for good news.  In fact, the news was better than in my most optimistic moment!  I look forward to recommending you and hope someone I know needs your services.  Thanks, Mike.  I wish you a great tax season.  You certainly made mine.

Christine Nepo

Greenlawn, NY

Thanks Mike!   I appreciate you taking the time out last night to help us with our question.  We really appreciate your guidance and we’re glad we have found someone we can rely on to work with us to build our business…the right way!

Deseré Cardona

CEO - Continuity and Recovery Management Associates, LLC, Levittown, NY

I had been with my previous tax preparer for over 10 years. Even though he was very professional and courteous, over the years I started to feel that I was just another customer.  I sometimes needed a question answered or some advice for either my business or personal financial matters but I could never get in touch with him. This year, as I searched for a replacement, I spoke with a few candidates but did not feel comfortable with anyone until I called Mike.  He seemed interested in what I had to say and even before I asked, he suggested we meet in person.  From the beginning I felt like he really wanted to help me and my family. Even though his fees were more than I expected I still went with Mike because I felt him to be honest, upfront and above all reachable.  Since the end of tax season Mike has reached out at least twice and indicated that we should meet soon to plan and discuss all options available to my family and me.  I am very satisfied and appreciative that Mike completed my taxes on time even though I came to him just a week before the deadline.

Carlos Balcarcel

Brookhaven, NY

After 57 years in business we thought we new it all. That is until we met Michael. He understands business in a way in which few people can.  He has been there and done it.  He doesn't preach from a book he teaches from experience. So if you ever need a financially oriented business coach, a true "Profitability Consultant", Michael is your guy.

Frank Braun

President - EDC Business Solutions, Richmond Hill, NY

I consulted with Michael on several financial issues and came away very impressed with his expertise and service. Professional, patient, he took time to explore the details involved in what I was trying to accomplish. Examining the issues from every aspect – including two or three I hadn’t foreseen – Michael explained potential benefits as well as possible pitfalls, and brought me from being nervous and unsure of the right steps to take, to comfortable and confident that I was doing the best for my family’s finances. I’d recommend his services without reservation.

Michael Louis Weissman

Founder & Chief Copywriter - CopyLogic, Huntington, NY

If you are looking for a traditional “bean counter” Mike Kessler is not your guy. If, on the other hand, you seek a partnership with a proven business leader who also happens to be an experienced accountant / CPA I recommend you get in touch with Mike. You will find him able to add value to your business in ways that other accountants cannot.

Ed Guinan

Business Unit Controller of $2B Publicly Traded Industrial Company

You are smart, honest and a great team member Mike! Right from the start, I’ve loved your work ethic, responsiveness and approach; not complicated, just laser-focused on efficiency and doing what it takes to get the job done! Thanks!!

Harry X. Cashin III

CFO - Ammacore, Inc., Alpharetta, GA

Great Work Mike! I love your work style...thanks…you are the best!

Theresa E. Sanders

President & CEO - Urban League of Long Island, Hempstead, NY