Mike Kessler In The MediaTHURSDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2015, Long Island, NY – Michael Kessler, Owner of his Profitability Consulting and CPA business Michael J. Kessler, CPA, has been invited to publish on the Blog of the Interchange Business Organization, a premier Long Island business development organization. Read it HERE

About Interchange Business Organization
IBO consists of a diverse group of business professionals working together to help their businesses flourish to maximum potential. It is our goal to collectively produce business solutions that meet your needs. To succeed in this goal IBO continually assembles educational seminars and networking events, which benefit both its members and the local community. IBO takes pride in its standards of honorable and credible members built upon the word interchange, which literally means the act of mutually giving and receiving.

About Michael J. Kessler, CPA
Everything he does, Mike believes in challenging the status quo. He believes in thinking differently. The way Mike challenges the status quo is by using strategies beyond traditional accounting to bring his clients and their families into a world where their stress is reduced and their quality of life improves with increased net after-tax cash flow.

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It’s not about how much you make. It’s about how much you get to keep.