Lifting my heavily-lidded eyes to peer up through the haze of government forms and procedures, I peek at the calendar, which today said: April 18.

(If any of the above sounded slightly poetic, that’s the coffee talking; I’m an accountant, after all.)

Yes, today is an extremely busy day for us here at Team Kessler –but as I am a person of ritual, I’m still taking the time to write to you on this, of all days. (Though you are likely to be actually receiving it later in the week, depending on how this day goes!)

It’s been a great tax season — and for us, it’s not even close to being over.

Yes, we have a respite because individual filing (and a slew of other things) are due today, but since we work so closely with businesses like yours, we don’t take the same kind of extended vacation of which many of our colleagues avail themselves upon tax season’s completion.

But today’s date gives me the chance to say (again): We are extremely grateful for your trust.

It’s always been our hope that we take a process that is so painful and time-consuming (with so much waste), and convert it into a profitable enterprise (for YOU) through smart tax planning and coaching of our clients. We’re proud to say that we have seen those good stories this year, as we’ve continued to grow.

I won’t be sharing strategic business wisdom today (I hope you’ll forgive our needing to stay focused).

I will end by saying this: I have been reminded, once again, this year: YOU are the engine of growth for this country. No matter what the politicians may want to take credit for, it’s people like you (business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and risk-takers) who are responsible for the lion’s share of our economic strength.

What a privilege it is to serve you. To know you. We are all so grateful.


Michael J. Kessler, CPA
(516) 449-2852
(203) 658-5092

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