It’s Tuesday as I write this – at the airport waiting for my flight (at least a one hour delay of course).  Headed to see my son off on his deployment.  I must admit to mixed emotions; obviously some trepidation and praying that he and his unit accomplish their mission safely.  At the same time, knowing that this is what he has always wanted, we are filled with a sense of pride and happiness.  If you’re a parent you know – all we ever want for our kids is for them to see their dreams come true!

So, continuing to depart from our usual Thursday fare, just thought we’d share some thoughts on our workshop this morning exclusively for business owners – and you can read a preview of our next event here:

We were honored to have such great people in the room who also happen to be great business owners.  These business owners indeed want to challenge the status quo.  They absolutely want their businesses to #BETOP10!  And their feedback was extremely positive.  It was just a great interactive discussion, with great people at a great venue!

And we are just as excited to be repeating this event on June 18th.  So business owners, please join another great group of your peers in challenging the status quo.  Click on the following link to RSVP:

Once there, click anywhere on the invitation to generate your RSVP email.  Then just tell us in the subject line “See you on the 18th” and be sure your contact information is in the body of the email – we’ll do the rest.

Remember, the workshop is complimentary and breakfast is on us!  It’s a

Special Complimentary Workshop Exclusively for Business Owners

And if you bring a friend who owns a business you’ll receive a special gift.

Please join us in challenging the status quo – we look forward to seeing you there!



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