Last week I talked about staffing for my Long Island and Stamford tax accountant firm, and how I try to evaluate that at the end of my year.

Well, sometimes the staffing isn’t the problem — it’s the leadership. Er, that is … me.

I like to get good ideas from my Long Island and Stamford accountant team about where our firm is going, what we can be doing to improve, etc. But often, when those things aren’t happening, *I’m* the glitch (me, Michael Kessler), not them.

So, I did some brainstorming about things I’ve done in the past to shake things up, and thought I’d collect them here on “paper” (or screen, as it happens) and share them with you.

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Bringing Out Better Ideas From Our Long Island and Stamford Accountant Team
“To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope, which can inspire a human being.” -Sir Michael Lubbock

If we, as Long Island and Stamford business owners, haven’t heard any good ideas from our employees lately, it could be that we’re not asking for them. So, maybe it’s time we managers try some creative ideas to bring them out.

Here are a few of mine. And if you have anything not on this list, send it along. I’d be very interested…

•  Look for bad ideas. Hold a “dump the ideas” meeting or luncheon. The topic: “What should we stop doing, so we have more time and energy for innovation?”
•  Hold a gift exchange of ideas. Have people write down their trickiest problem and drop them in a hat. Then have everyone pick a problem and try to solve it. Like a holiday grab bag, this can encourage people from different areas to get together and learn about each other’s problems–and their hidden skills.
•  Form a dream team. Select a small group of people to meet once a week. Their job: to generate, share, and discuss ideas for innovation. Have them meet on specific subjects to keep them focused.
•  Hold a story hour. Ask everyone on your team to tell about a time when he or she solved a problem or helped develop an innovative idea. Try to identify the skills and principles everyone used so you can work on enhancing them on your own team.
•  Post topics and questions. In every room, hang a poster-size piece of paper with a problem or question at the top. Provide markers so people can write down their ideas on that particular topic.
•  Take a field trip. Go to a museum, playground, zoo, theme park, or someplace like that. There are great options here in the Long Island and Stamford area — but it can even just be a local restaurant. Ask everyone to come up with three business-related ideas inspired by the outing.

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