We made the investment with Michael Kessler and his team as our Outsourced CFO to specifically help us with complicated budgeting and accurate cash flow forecasting. Mike is a positive person and growth oriented and is a good fit with our 6-person management team.

After working with Mike for a period of just months, all of our initial engagement goals were met or exceeded with increased partnership income. Additionally the shareholders saw an improvement in their compensation through a restructured net profit based compensation policy.

Mike has a broad business background and is able to quickly identify key financial areas to focus on within a wide scope of business functions. Presently we are working with Mike on strengthening our long-term financial stability and maximizing growth potential through many creative strategies.

Bringing Mike into our team has been a great decision as I reflect on the 20-year history of the business. Having realized significant and fast ROI we were able to take our business to the next level quickly. If you’re a small business owner, speak with Michael Kessler yourself – and let me know how it goes!

Stuart Andrews, President & CEO
Shinnecock Pools INC / Imperial Leisure, LLC
Southampton, NY