Business Profits In The Real World on 103.9FM With Simon Sinek


Listen here to host Michael Kessler’s broadcast with Leadership Visionary and Bestselling Author, Simon Sinek as we discuss Simon’s second book “Leaders Eat Last” Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t. It’s what the most successful business owners do to get their businesses to the very top of their industries.

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Tune in to WRCN 103.9 FM Saturday afternoons at 4 when we host our show, Business Profits In The REAL World where we bring you Long Island and The New York-Metro’s most successful business owners sharing how you too can bring your business to among the most profitable in your industry. Even if you don’t own a business – who knows? Perhaps after hearing how successful business owners do it, you’ll be inspired to start a business of your own. So please join us!

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