Sales ProcessThis week, I hope to remind you of something that too many Long Island and Stamford small businesses never put into practice — but it’s likely you’ve heard it before.

Even if you have heard it, it’s important that you maximize every sales opportunity you might get.

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Now… on to creating replicable systems for your prospect interactions…

Systematizing Your Sales Process By Michael Kessler
“Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.” -Michael Dewey

Many Long Island and Stamford sales people and business owners simply fly by the seat of their pants when they meet with prospects — relying on experience and their own instincts to close a deal.

Well, here’s some “old advice” for you, whether you are meeting with people face-to-face, or if you do your selling from the phone or via an online meeting:

–> Every time you approach a prospect or customer, you should be prepared with a powerful and proven marketing script.

It seems to be unfashionable today to talk of sales scripts, but what do the numbers say? Well, testing results overwhelmingly prove that a practiced presentation massively outperforms one that’s simply delivered off the cuff.

Yes, whether you’re selling face-to-face or online, you need to be flexible and be able to cope with things that crop up, but you should not allow them to divert you from your main flow.

But here’s the key point: remember that your interaction with your prospects is a sales presentation and not a chat around the coffee table with your buddies. The purpose of your webinar, online demo, or meeting is to sell and bring in revenue!

And, as sales is a “process” (not an event), your sales process — your sales presentation — should be carefully planned, constructed, practiced, and delivered.

Here’s what a script will do for you:
• It makes your message consistent.
• The results can be measured and the script improved.
• It systematizes your business.
• You can make a strong first impression (without blundering for something to say).
• It prepares you for any prospect objections, questions, etc. without getting you off track.

One important caveat: Many times people who use sales scripts sound robotic and unnatural. You can still read a script and be real. Make sure that you do!

And when you do both … I am certain that you will see a nice increase in your sales.

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