Over the years of preparing taxes for Long Island and Stamford businesses and doing their accounting, I’ve become more and more convinced that almost everything about business leadership comes down to salesmanship.

I might never “sell” a thing — and certainly, as a Long Island and Stamford-area tax accountant, the reputation of being a heavy sales person is the last thing I want associated with me, Michael Kessler — but as leaders, we are ALL in the business of selling our ideas.

Some do it well, others poorly. And, I think it’s fair to say that those who are good at it do very well in whatever field they choose.

As is my occasional habit, I was reading some old “success” books, and came across Napoleon Hill’s old classic, The Law of Success. And, it sparked what I’m writing to you today … not only because Hill is a great one, but because this is such needed and useful advice.

Here you go…

Michael Kessler On How To Always Get What You Want
“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” – Anthony Robbins

When you first approach another Long Island and Stamford business person with a request for his or her time it is essential that you know what it is that you want to accomplish before you begin. Once that is clear in your mind, then you should do some homework about that person. Find out about his or her work in the Long Island and Stamford area, if you need to. Pull all the facts together in your mind.

When you finally meet with the person face to face, it is important that you start the meeting talking about that person’s work. If you study the person’s work, you will likely find many positive qualities about what she is doing with her life and talents. Bring that information out into your conversation.

All people like it when their work is appreciated–but here’s the catch–what you say must be sincere, or the person you are trying to make a connection with will feel and know that you are a fraud.

Once you have spent some time discussing your genuine appreciation for her work, then you will accomplish that which you have wanted to accomplish, you will have opened the door to that person’s mind. He or she will be willing to listen to you–and will think you have a great personality.

When you have established all of this, lay out quickly what it is that you have come for. Be self-assured and sincere. Even if the person you have come to cannot do the thing for you that you are requesting, chances are he or she will make every effort to help you and get you to the person who can actually assist you in accomplishing your ends.

We hope this helps, and we really look forward to seeing you in here at the Team Michael Kessler offices in 2014!

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