Floods in West Virginia.

The shootings in Orlando.


Zika Virus.

And in the middle of it all, we’re all facing our own private fears, struggles and frustrations. But business must go on, yes?

So … may I remind you of a few things?

Kessler’s Key Reminder #1:
What you choose to “ingest” will always impact your state-of-mind. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. And, of course, the opposite is true — when you surround yourself with excellence and clear-eyed determination, you find that your heart and mind carry much greater strength.

Temper your media intake this week, as most of those outlets are (quite literally) merchants of fear.

Given all the uncertainty, it is truly no surprise that the stock market has “reacted” a bit. So, this leads to my second reminder:

Kessler’s Key Reminder #2:
The only thing certain about the stock market is that it’s volatile. So to those of you with many assets resting there: don’t make moves out of panic. Sit down to discuss atax-advantaged strategy … not a knee-jerk fear response.

Kessler’s Key Reminder #3:
The only thing you can truly control is yourself. You can’t control the market, you can’t control our foreign affairs (unless, of course, Mr. Kerry or Secretary Carter are somehow reading this — perhaps you guys can!), and there’s a real sense in which you can’t even, really, control the revenue coming into your business.

So, with those key reminders in mind, here’s what I suggest:

Call my office this week: (516) 449-2852 (or email us) and request one of our limited Tax Planning Saver Sessions. During this session, we will analyze your current situation and identify clear action steps for the last two quarters of 2016 —designed to save your bottom line hundreds (or even thousands).

You CAN control your tax strategy… and we can help.


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